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Introducing Location Score™
The First Tool To Measure Location Accuracy In Mobile Advertising


The volume of location data available to marketers has grown dramatically in the past two years. But, is this flood of new location data good for the industry?

It all depends on the quality of the data.

Thinknear’s Location Score is the first technology designed to give marketers deep insight into the accuracy of location data. The technology is also the power behind the industry's first Location Score Index™ which helps advertisers avoid getting location wrong, while delivering insights on:

  • The current state of location data quality in the mobile ecosystem
  • The complexities involved in the creation of location data
  • The impact of accurate location data on campaign performance 

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"There are enormous opportunities in mobile but as marketers, we are constantly evaluating tools to help us get the best data possible. Location Score helps us to be smarter, ROI driven buyers and will help accelerate the industry to move towards more accurate location data." 

-Amit Shah, VP of Marketing,

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