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Location data is enabling better targeting and driving better consumer experiences, but data accuracy is the key to ensuring further growth of the mobile advertising industry. Thinknear’s Location Score Index is the first tool designed to give marketers deep insight into the accuracy of industry location data, while delivering insights on:

  • The current state of location data quality in the mobile ecosystem

  • How location data is generated

  • When location accuracy really matters

The Location Score Index is the benchmark for measuring mobile industry data quality, and Thinknear is committed to improving transparency and accuracy for marketers.

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“There are enormous opportunities in mobile but as marketers, we are constantly evaluating tools to help us get the best data possible. Location Score helps us to be smarter, ROI driven buyers and will help accelerate the industry to move towards more accurate location data.”

Amit Shah, VP of Marketing,

 “Precise location data is unique to mobile, giving brands and retailers an extraordinary opportunity to drive affinity, foot traffic, and most importantly, sales. We applaud Thinknear’s Location Score effort - it clarifies and quantifies the value of the accuracy of the data. So not just location, but accurate location, is critical to ensuring that location data has a direct and strategic impact to advertisers and publishers.”

Victor Milligan, CMO, Nexage


 “In the PC world, marketers are demanding verification of “viewability.” It has become a new currency and is gaining traction. Location Score may become an equivalent kind of metric for mobile display advertising — a way for marketers and advertisers to have confidence that they're actually getting what they paid for.”

—Greg Sterling, Opus Research

“We’ve seen that the quality of location data makes a significant impact on campaign performance. Location Score is a great tool that will help us ensure that targeting is accurate and that performance is optimized for our clients.”

Alex Richter, Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media

Location Score Tags

Thinknear also offers Location Score Tags, a free tool to ensure your ad impressions are delivered on target. Tags help mobile marketers measure the accuracy of their data for location -targeted campaigns on ANY ad network.

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